Sunday, December 21, 2014

3 years later

Happy Sunday everyone! No blog post/workout happened yesterday because I went out to celebrate 3 years with this guy. I'll spare you guys the cheesiness ;) But I will say that it's been a wonderful 3 years and I can't wait for more :)

We kept it pretty low key this year. We were going to go ice skating, but traffic was crazy and we both felt like just relaxing so we went and saw the new Hunger Games movie :)

I haven't read the book in about 2 years, but seeing the movie brought back so many emotions from the book and they portrayed it so well! Even Bryan who hasn't read the books has absolutely loved all of the movies so far :) 11/10 definitely recommend seeing it.

After the movie we went to Carrabba's and had the best soup and pasta.

The rigatoni with sundried tomatoes and mushrooms was delicious, but the real star of the show was the minestrone soup. I wish I took a picture to show you guys, but I dug into it far too quickly. Whoops.

Sort of a side note, but I wore this sweater dress from American Eagle out and I'm in love! They have it (and everything else) on sale for 40% off. It was just the right amount of warmth and super comfy with leggings :) (Also please pay no attention to my room, Christmas wrapping stuff has temporarily taken over :))

It'll be back to the workout grind in the morning!

How was your weekend?! Did anything exciting happen?

What's your favorite pasta dish?
I love anything with a combination of tomato sauce/alfredo :)


  1. The sweater dress is awesome <3 And happy anniversary! You guys are adorable together :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! I NEED to see the Hunger Games movie!!! I'm planning on dragging my husband with me, lol. Your pasta looks so awesome. :D

    1. Thank you :) Do it! I'm sure he'll love it haha.

  3. Happy Three Years!!!! What a fun outing to celebrate! :) I am really enjoying the Hunger Games movies, and I have not read the books :)

    We went out for my husband's birthday this weekend! :)

    1. Thank you! They did a really great job of doing the movies to where even if you haven't read the books, you still know everything that's going on :) That sounds fun! Happy birthday to him :)