Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kind of silent Saturday

Happy Saturday! I'm running on little sleep and am having a hard time writing an actual post, so have a photo recap of my Friday :)

I went Christmas shopping with my grandma, but it quickly turned into food shopping. I think I found out where all of my money goes.

I finally tried this bad boy and I'm HOOKED. Good thing I can only find them at GNC or I'd get one every time I went out ;)

My new toy (a milk frother) :)

Movie night with my family/boyfriend. The Grinch is the best Christmas movie :)

Matcha latte to go with The Grinch. I got a little excited with the frother and it was more like a matcha cappuccino (still delicious ;))

What are some highlights from your Friday?


  1. I was wondering what a milk frother does but then you cleared it up for me at the end. :) Our Friday night was great- we went out to eat, which we haven't done in several months. For SUSHI, no less! There is a really good place just down the street from our house which is really cheap. Plus, there's barely anyone there! We feel like we are in our own little world when we go.

    1. That sounds really nice! Sushi's always great :)

  2. A 8 mile run and American Horror Story season three is now on Netflix!

    1. That's awesome! I forgot Coven's on Netflix now :)