Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tangent Tuesday

Ah, December. The air is frigid, lights are glowing everywhere, and snow is falling. The season is upon us once again: winter finals.

I haven't had time for much else but studying, so have some Tuesday Tangents :)

Starbucks has been my bff lately. As if I'm not already in there enough ;) My schedule is pretty packed, so I'll be subbing some sleep for caffeine this week!

Roses in a Teapot by Ally Rhodes has been on repeat lately. It breaks my heart every time, but it's so, so good. The album is actually in my car right now and I think I've listened to it 5 times today. 

I probably should've studied last night, but I found myself at the gym instead. They say working out helps your brain focus, right? ;) 45 minutes of full body lifting and another 10 of foam rolling/stretching finished out my night. I can finally bend my knee with almost no pain, so I think all the strengthening and foam rolling is really helping :)

Today was my transfer orientation for George Mason University. I start in the spring, and I'm really excited to start there again :)

I was gone from 7:30am-7:00pm with orientation, so today's definitely a rest day. I've got a run on the schedule for tomorrow though! 

What's a tangent from your Tuesday?

Is anyone else tackling finals right now?


  1. My finals week is next week and I took a full week off work so I can focus in studying... Needless to say my coffee pot has been my best friend lately !

    1. Good luck girl! Taking off work was a smart idea, I definitely should have done the same haha.